Can ideas or feature requests be submitted?

Yes, absolutely. Github issues aren’t necessarily bug reports. They can also be ideas or feature requests.

When submitting an idea or a feature request, try to indicate this in the issue title so that it’s immediately clear to developers that they’re not looking at a bug report.

Why are ideas and feature requests closed?

In the past, issues for “good” ideas (this is highly subjective) used to remain open until the idea was implemented, while “bad” ideas (or at least ideas which weren’t deemed urgent, feasible or important enough) were closed.

This was a mistake, because it focused on legitimacy and perception, and it tried to give issue authors something we could not afford: traceability and reporting of the implementation of their ideas.

The process is much simpler now and much more efficient. When you submit an idea, it is processed and then closed. It might lead to an implementation, it might lead to a design discussion within the team, it might be planned for a particular release and put on the roadmap, it might lead to nothing at all, or it might stick in people’s minds as something they could improve later on. Either way, your role is done when the idea is reported and once it’s understood by the development team.

When the process of gathering information about your idea and understanding it is finished, your issue can be closed. The eventual and possible implementation of that idea is separate and shouldn’t keep the issue open.